Arthur Piper

Ideas, drafts and afterthoughts

Arthur Piper

Ideas, drafts and afterthoughts

Meta and the power of tech

Facebook, and its parent company Meta, are facing growing concerns about unchecked power and influence.  When Facebook and its subsidiary apps went down in October, it was a timely reminder of how powerful Facebook’s holding company – recently rebranded as Meta – has become. The impact was global and wide-reaching. Without access to Meta’s apps, […]

Tech’s anti-trust reboot

The US Department of Justice’s (DoJ) decision in October 2020 to take Google to court over alleged antitrust violations is an important chapter in efforts to curb the power of technology giants. The federal government’s case argues that Google abused its size to unlawfully maintain its position in search and search advertising on the internet. […]

LinkedIn’s hack back

In January, LinkedIn began civil legal proceedings against hackers who had been “scraping” the personal details of its customers. The perpetrators allegedly created fake accounts to search the professional details of potential job candidates and used these details in their own recruitment businesses. “By pilfering member data from the LinkedIn site, the defendants’ misconduct threatens […]

Better workers

When Oprah Winfrey spoke with the United State’s most feted and reviled cyclist, it was billed as one of the biggest interviews the talk show host had ever conducted. This was the moment when Lance Armstrong confessed to using performance-enhancing drugs to help him win the world’s most prestigious bike race, the Tour de France, […]

Face off

While millions of people happily use facial recognition to log in to their smartphones, 2019 has seen a notable backlash against such biometric technology. Around the world, law enforcement agencies have been criticized for using facial recognition technology to identify potential criminals in public places. In the United States, cities such as San Francisco and […]